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VS-412 EPDM Car Valves


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A = 22 mm or 7/8″
B=  32mm 1 1/4″
C= 11.5 mm or .453″

Blackjack premium EPDM Snap-In valve stems are made with EPDM synthetic rubber, rather than natural rubber. EPDM rubber has a broader temperature range than natural rubber and will remain flexible in extremely cold weather. The valve stems are made of brass. The standard size found on most cars is the VS-414. Some shops prefer the slightly shorter VS-413 or even VS-412 as the shorter length means less flex at high speed and an easier wheel balance. These valves are rated up to 65psi. For higher pressures consider the VS-600HP or a clamp in valve.

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Single Valve, Bag of 100, 5 bags of 100